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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 8, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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the strapping young men are the ones who dropped it. >> we're going to leave it right there. always set your dvr so you never miss an episode of the "five." that's it for us. "special report" up next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. now hillary clinton says she really is sorry about t scandal. after spending months refusing to apologize for her use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state. hillary clinton is tonight saying the magic words. is the change in tone and delivery going to change the direction of her sliding poll numbers? we're covering the clinton campaign tonight. >> in part, hillary clinton is trying to clean up friday's interview with nbc news where she stopped short of an apology. so tonight, we're hearing a change not just in her words, but listen even to her voice.
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>> that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. and i'm trying to be as transparent as i possibly can. >> a dramatic shift for a candidate who had been joking about the e-mail controversy and a campaign that has blown this off at first. now they're shifting gears with a new strategy that has even some democrats tonight raising their eyebrows. just as hillary clinton hit the reset button on russian relations, her team is now trying that with her struggling campaign. ironically revealing they want to bring more spontaneity to a cautious campaign. >> workout of choice, swimming. but that's not always available. so treadmill and weights and walking. and the food you crave most? >> probably chocolate. >> except back in june, clinton's aides claim they were
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planning to show her softer side in the run-up to the second launch of her campaign on roosevelt island. so david axle rod tweeted, it read more like the onion. her detailed plan to show more authenticity and spontaneity. clinton advisors also told the "times," the campaign decided to get more transparent and the candidate offered a more contrite tone. despite admitting to poll tested strategy, clinton went off message insisting to the associated press the e-mail trouble has not damaged her campaign at all. a new poll shows clinton's lead nationally continued to shrink. she's at 42%, down 10 percentage points in a month. while joe biden and bernie sanders are in a virtual tie for second. >> text or e-mail?
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>> e-mail. >> that msnbc clip may also have been off message especially since a second recrew has found that two e-mails in clinton's sur ver, including one about north korea's nuclear weapons program did include highly classified information when she received them. they scrambled to deal with the demands by congress and the public for various clinton records. officials insisted they were not simply adding more bureaucracy. >> the idea here is not to create another layer. >> now just moments ago, a spokeswoman at the republican national committee reacting by saying, quote the only thing hillary clinton regrets is that she got caught and is dropping in the polls, not the fact that her secret e-mail server exposed to the russians and chinese. clinton meanwhile tries to change the subject again
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tomorrow with a big speech here in washington on the iran nuclear deal. >> now to a story overseas that administration critics insist is a direct result of obama/clinton foreign policy decisions, or the lack of them. hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing persecution, poverty and civil war in the middle east. and the debate over what to do about them is intensifying here in washington tonight. refugees fleeing syria and iraq are flooding europe. now the u.s. state department is reassessing this country's policy. we have fox team coverage tonight. brit hume, but we begin with kevin cork at the white house. >> reporter: good evening to you. while european countries have seen a massive influx of refugees trying to escape syria, relatively few have made their way here to the u.s. but soon, that could change. >> the question is what can the united stat
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do to respond to that humanitarian crisis. >> reporter: the u.s. has contributed 4 billion in aid and soon could be doing even more in considering allowing more syrian refugees into the u.s. the obama administration today signalled an evolving strategy in dealing with the humanitarian crisis taking over europe. >> we've taken in about 1,500. about 1,300 of those since january of this year alone. >> reporter: numbers that could rise dramatically, especially in the united nations can con viens the u.s. to do more. annually the u.s. takes in 70,000 refugees from areas around the globe. but syria is a special case. the state department has received 17,000 referrals for syrians since 2011. the u.n. would like the states to take in thousands more than the 15 to 1,800 slated for the year. by contrast, germany has said it can accommodate up to a half million refugees a year.
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>> translator: the whole world is looking at us and we can't just say, listen, syria is too far away, we won't deal with the problem. >> reporter: the white house shift comes amid heart-wrenching pictures from across europe and the middle east. images of desperation and de station. but just how many refugees could end up here is a sensitive issue. texas, california, new york, michigan and florida already boast the largest global refugee populations in the u.s. and whether new arrivals end up there or elsewhere, they'll need to be vetted to identify and weed out potential terrorists. a law enforcement nightmare with serious national security implications. >> we're very compassionate on this issue. i think it's a tragedy. but we got to do this thing right. and just a whole sale let in thousands of syrians into the united states not knowing who they are i think would be a very irresponsible. >> reporter: and underscore that point, one of the fbi's top terrorism experts spoke before
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congress back in february and during those comments, he said there was actually no clear way to positively vet refugees that come from so-called failed states and that includes places like syria. >> kevin cork live on the north lawn. thank you. the president and his critics point fingers at each other over the root cause of the refugee crisis. brit hume is here tonight. >> hi, brett. it is common on the left these days to argue that the refugee crisis now engulfing europe is in large measure america's fault because of what it did by past interventions in the middle east. most of those fleeing the area now are from syria. remember the obama assertion four years ago that it was time for bashar al assad to go? nothing came to that, nor of the obama threat to use force to end
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his chemical weapons program. that job, the president turned over to vladimir putin who is now putting forces into syria to protect al assad. president obama and his supporters defend his actions in syria. they believe the use of american forces is likely to make things worse, not better, and that america has too often been the bad guy on the world stage. as mr. obama said last month, it's not the jury box of the president in the united states to solve every problem in the middle east. this is another way of stating the old idea that america, for all its strengths cannot go everywhere. that is certainly true. but as adapted by barack obama, it has come to mean that america cannot go anywhere. >> you heard at the back end of kevin's piece, the concern about vetting any refugees that come over from syria or iraq for that matter. >> many countries have had very good experiences with refugees
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who had terrible journeys, those who survived turned out to be people of ability and with with all or else they wouldn't have made it to their destination. the problem of course is you don't know because of where they're coming from how many of them be terrorists. this poses a dilemma for every single country involved in this process or potentially involved in this process and that of course includes the u.s. senate democrats picked up more support today for president obama's nuclear deal with iran. it is apparently enough to block a vote on a resolution of disapproval. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has details from capitol hill tonight. >> reporter: the first order of business in the senate is the obama administration's nuclear deal with iran. >> for many, this has been a very difficult decision. for some, it was made even more difficult by assertions from the administration that the only choice was between this agreement and war.
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>> reporter: west virginia's joe mansion is one of four senate democrats who says he'll join with republicans to oppose this iran nuclear deal. he said quote, lifting sanctions without ensuring that iran's sponsorship of terrorism is knew ralized is dangerous to america and security. michigan's gary peters expressed support for the deal. although, all said they have reservations. harry reed try to reassure fellow democrats and the american people. >> we have everything to make sure that if iran cheats we'll know quickly and with the international community behind us. that makes us safer. that makes israel safer. that makes the world safer. >> reporter: now there are at least 41 democrats in favor of the deal which means they could block republicans from a disapproval vote. >> the administration is gratified by the growing support we've seen in the united states congress for the international
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agreement to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: bob corker sates there needs to be an up or down vote. >> i do think the american people deserve to know where senators and house members stand on this serious piece of policy, foreign policy that is before us. >> reporter: at this point, it doesn't look likely that reid is going to back off the 60 vote threshold. unless hearts and minds and votes are changed in the course of the debate, the president is not likely to need his veto power. >> mike, thanks. >> up next, dr. ben carson riding the wave as the ultimate outsider running for president, or at least one of them. fox 32 in chicago where investigators say a promising lead has come up empty in the search for three suspects involved in the slaying of a suburban police officer. the leader of the task force says three men seen in a video
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from 00 home near the crime scene were not involved. thousands attended yesterday's funeral for joseph gliniewicz. fox 9 in the twin cities, the dentist in the center of an international uproar returns to work. walter palmer entered the clinic without speaking to media. officials in zimbabwe say they want to extradite palmer for the death of a lion named see sill. >> and this is a live look at dallas from fox 4. a texas couple is reunited with their baby who was switched at birth. the child was born in el salvador and returned to the parents yesterday. a doctor is being fwaited on suspicious of operating a baby trafficking gang. we'll be right back.
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one of the presidential candidates benefiting from the anti-establishment mood in the country is retired neurosurgeon ben carson. we have details from san francisco. >> reporter: riding a wave of momentum, dr. ben carson brought his soft spoken style and self-deprecating muhumor to the west coast speaking today at san francisco's commonwealth club. >> we need to develop all of our people. we need to see us as a unit working together. >> reporter: in a wide ranging discussion, the neurosurgeon touched on his support for a flat tax and hillary clinton savings accounts. he also described the moment he became a born again christian. >> when i came out of that bathroom after three hours, i was a different person.
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i've never had another angry outburst since that day. >> reporter: he was relatively unknown to much of the nation only to surge in the polls every since. most have him in second place behind frontrunner donald trump. the question now, will it last. >> howard dean was ahead in fall 2003. hillary clinton was ahead in fall 2007. so it may not be enough to sustain him through the primary campaign. >> reporter: still, these supporters admire carson's rags to riches story and call his nonpolitical life a breath of fresh air. >> i like that he answers questions when asked by the press. most of these politicians don't answer any of the questions. they just talk about themselves and what they've done. >> he loves his country. he takes responsibility. he wants other people to take responsibility. and i think he's going to be amazing. >> reporter: carson's style drew mostly rave reviews. many appreciate his calm
3:18 pm
demeanor and intelligence. others hope that when needed to run a country, he can speak softly and carry a big stick. >> he's going to attack things rationally. evaluate them and make proper decisions and not be totally encumbered with all of this washington d.c. stuff. >> reporter: and as for why he feels his lack of political experience isn't an issue -- >> there's nobody who knows everything. and i think the people who do the best are the ones who know how to utility liez experts around them. >> and he didn't rule out having donald tru experts when asked if he would be on a ticket with his main rival either in the top or second spot. he replied, quote, all things are possible. from here he heads onto texas, missouri and south carolina hitting the campaign trail hard ahead of next week's debate. coming up at the bottom of
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the hour, republican presidential candidate senator lindsay graham in our center seat. we have invited all of the republicans to center seat. if you have something you want to ask, let me know at baier. stocks made big gains today. the dow surged 390. the nasdaq finished ahead 128. coming up, the kentucky clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples is out, but for how long? ♪
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>> odds are improving for babies born prematurely in the u.s.
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that's according to a new study. it finds 9% of babies born at 22 weeks survive long enough to leave the hospital. in 1993, the figure was 6%. for babies born at 27 weeks, survivability has climbed from 29% to 47%. normal pregnancies last 39 to 40 weeks. the kentucky county clerk who spent the weekend in custody for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses is out of jail tonight. how long that lasts is uncertain. we report on today's release and questions about what kim davis will do next. >> thank you all so much. i love you all so very much. >> reporter: hundreds who gathered to rally for the release of kim davis got to hear from the county clerk herself. after the same judge who ordered her to jail set her free.
3:24 pm
the judge said if she should, quote, interfere in any way directly or indirectly with the efforts of deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples, she would be violating the order and possibly facing a return to jail. her attorney refused to say whether or not she would interfere, but vowed she will not re-sign. five of her deputy clerks have been issuing licenses to all couples. in his order, he said the plaintiffs in this case aren't challenging the validity of the altered licenses and that he considers them in compliance as well. >> it's under her authority. if we say the clerk of the county, we know that that clerk is kim davis. she cannot allow her name to be associated with something that conflicts with god's definition of marriage. >> reporter: 2016 gop
3:25 pm
presidential contender and former arkansas governor mike huckabee quickly rushed to defend davis and headlined today's rally in her support. >> we will stand with kim. we will stand with the constitution and we will stand with our faith and will not be bullied no matter even if they incarcerate us. >> reporter: senator ted cruz was not part of the huckabee rally but also showed up to visit with davis today, calling it an outrage that she was quote in prison for six days for living according to her christian faith. there are several states that are working through the process of putting together accommodations for public employees who do not want to take part in same-sex marriages. kentucky is not one of them. relatives of an african-american man who died in police custody last spring will receive almost $6.5 million from the city of baltimore. the settlement comes about a week after six police officers had their first hearing on criminal charges in the death of
3:26 pm
freddie gray. the settlement does not constitute on admission of guilt on the city's part. lawyers are framing it as being in the best interest of taxpayers. next up, senator lindsay graham is definitely an underdog in the presidential race. but his campaign is still full steam ahead. he's in our center seat next. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ iflike i love shrimp, red lobster's endless shrimp... kind of a big deal. it's finally back, with as much shrimp as you want, any way you want 'em. one taste of these new pineapple habanero coconut shrimp bites, and i already want more.
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tonight, we welcome into our center seat south carolina senator and republican presidential candidate lindsay graham joining us on the panel tonight, steve hayes, marl lies and charles. >> thanks for being here. >> i'm glad to be here. >> i want to play a sound bite for you first. hillary clinton today. >> that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. and i'm trying to be as transparent as i possibly can. >> talking there about the e-mail server. what do you make of that? >> well, she convinced me. i'm ready to let it go. it's ridiculous. i'm trying to be as transparent as possible. does anybody in america believe that? no, she's having to do this because all the other stuff
3:31 pm
didn't work. i think it is a telling moment in her campaign. >> i want to turn to foreign policy. obviously hillary clinton is a part of the obama administration history on foreign policy. do you buy this line that the refugee crisis that we're seeing currently in europe is a direct result of u.s. foreign policy? >> yeah. i think what happened was at the end of the day, al qaeda in iraq was on its knees and al qaeda in iraq became isil because of a perfect storm of us withdrawing from iraq, not helping the free syrian army with a no-fly zone and they became isil because of our mistakes in iraq and syria. isil and assad together are pushing them out of syria. >> what would you have done? >> i would not have withdrawn troops from iraq as our generals recommended. i would have hped the free
3:32 pm
syrian army three years ago like his entire foreign policy team recommended. >> josh? >> so today, we have two essential enemies or adversaries. isil and you've got the assad regime. you have said you're prepared to send 10,000 troops? >> that's to iraq. >> what about when it comes to isil in syria? >> absolutely. here's my logic. if you don't fix syria, you're never going to fix iraq. if syria continues to deteriorate, then the king of jordan and lebanon are at risk. most likely attack to our home comes from syria. so what would i do? i would get a ground component meet-up of the region. turkey, saweddy arabia, jordan, egypt, they all have launch armys. we would be about 10% of that. i would go on in the ground with
3:33 pm
the eye rabs and the turks. i would pull the caliphate up by its roots and push assad out. if you don't, this never ends. that means an american ground component inside of syria. if you can destroy isil without doing that, i'm dying to know how. >> the russians are establishing a base. looks like they're establishing a military base in syria. now the administration idea i suppose is to enlist them in the war against isil. are they the enemy or the ally? >> here's what i would say -- >> and what would you do about that? >> number one, assad has to go. obama is going to go before assad. the russians reinforcing al assad is a nightmare for us. the people in syria want to defeat isil and they want a new leader, they want to get rid of assad because he slaughtered their families. the longer he hangs around, the longer the war takes to resolve.
3:34 pm
i would tell the russians, you're betting on the wrong guy. we're going in, we're going after assad, if you want to defend him you're welcome to. >> would you take more refugees into the united states? >> yes. i would ask the department of homeland security how do we vet, but i think we have a moral obligation. my goal is to address why they're coming. they're not coming here as illegal immigrants, they're fleeing genocide, rape, murder, crucifixi crucifixion. i would go in on the ground and destroy isil and do whatever it takes before we get hit here at home. tell me how you destroy isil in syria without a ground force. tell me how we can do that without us being involved. >> but senator, you're saying you would take more refugees in and ask homeland security to figure out how to vet. the u.s. government can't figure
3:35 pm
out how to vet syrian rebels to support them with weapons. >> fist, i'd start with women and children. we have a moral obligation here. we let this thing fester. part of it is owned by us. the last time i looked at the statue of liberty it had a compelling statement to it. i want to make sure we step up to the plate. to the germans, if you're going to take 500,000 refugees, that's a good statement for you to make. i'm apaled by this president. he's the worst enemy of evil and the worst defender of freedom i've ever seen. on his watch, we've lost standing in the world. and i just really do believe that barack obama's foreign policy is going to get us attacked here at home. it's going to take generations to overcome this. >> on the iran deal, the obama administration is asking congress to vote on the deal without submitting the side agreements.
3:36 pm
do you think that's a violation of corporate -- >> yeah. there's a clear sense in there. all deals including side deals -- >> republican leaders refuse to bring it up for a vote? >> i would have. >> what should they do now? >> i would say that he hasn't complied with the deal. >> period, end of discussion. >> yeah. >> what does that mean, though? >> are you making that case -- >> we're going to vote before the 17th in spite of this. what i'm going to do as the chairman of the foreign operations subcommittee, money for the u.n. i'm in charge of all the money for the u.n. i'm going to try to defund the iaea until they give us the side agreement. >> what's the response you've gotten back from mitch mcconnell? >> i think they believe the president would go forward regardless of usacting. >> doesn't that mean that it was sort of silly to begin with frankly then if the president can go ahead anyway? what was the point? >> the point was to have a debate and a vote.
3:37 pm
if we hadn't had corker, graham, menendez, we wouldn't be talking about this. all we're asking for is a final vote. >> why do you think that the opponents of the deal didn't make anymore headway this summer? here you are with 41 votes. >> i think democrats are more worried about a primary. i think what president obama did is unleash his political machine and they were told if you cross the president here, the obama network will come after you forever. some people think this is a good deal, but i've never seen pressure like this coming from a white house any time, anywhere. >> there are really not a lot of profiles encouraged here. if you look at a poll just out about this nuclear agreement, approve, disapprove, don't know. you can see the numbers are really upside down to disapprove this deal. there you go, on the screen. and you can see the change is actually more disapproval since july. >> all i can say is it would be
3:38 pm
a central issue in 2016 for president and i think for congress as a whole. but has the republican party -- why do we vote to shut down the government when there's no hope of doing it? this is a deal for the ages. this is not about your future. it's about the future of mankind, the future of israel. anybody who thinks it's a good idea to give the ayatollah $100 billion of new money is really not looking at the same world i am. if a guy tells you he's going to cut your throat, don't buy him a knife. the biggest mistake was to separate the nuclear program from their behavior on the ground. you're flushing him with cash, letting him buy more weapons. the next 15 years are going to be holy hell in the mideast because of this vote. >> more with senator graham about domestic policy after a quick break.
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welcome back to center seat. we're back with south carolina republican senator and presidential candidate lindsay graham. there's a lot of dissatisfaction in the conservative base with your party and congressional leaders here. mitch mcconnell, house speaker john boehner. the gop brand is sinking in large part due to republicans many of whom really are turned off by the party's leaders. do you think they have been strong leaders or they should make way for new leadership? >> i think they've done a good job. it's promising people things you can't deliver. we got the first budget in five years. we took the keystone pipeline vote, got it to obama's desk and heavy towed it. i want to win in 2016. we start shooting each other, we're going to lose. having a democratic president and 54 republicans in the senate
3:43 pm
is not a pathway to do everything you would like. >> we ask people on twitter to write in. eric writes this, question, do you support privatizing veteran's health care? >> yes, as an option. i support giving them a card to go anywhere they want to go. if they don't like the v.a., go somewhere else. the centers that serve the veterans well, we'll fund. >> since the republicans took the house of representatives in 2010, every year republicans have included serious medicare and medicaid reforms as part of the budget. paul ryan's reforms. this year, senate republicans didn't do that. several senate republicans are vulnerable. is this the act of political cowardice that it looks like? >> no, i think it's a calculation that you don't want to have a one-party entitlement fight right before 2016. >> but you already had -- >> that's the argument i made.
3:44 pm
either we're going to save medicare and social security or we're not. either we're the party of change or we're not. what i don't want to do is abandon we're different. we're spending at 2008 levels on the discretionary budget. all our friends upset with mitch and boehner, we're at 2008 levels on the discretionary side, we're gutting the military. we haven't touched entitlements. you need a republican president. if you want a pro-life agenda, elect a pro-life president. >> there are a lot of pitfalls this fall. there's the potential government shetdown, the debt ceiling. how do you want your party to handle this? should you just avoid the big fights like perhaps you're doing in entitlements? >> the first thing i want us to
3:45 pm
do is not promise people things we can't do. i won't vote to fund it, but i'm not going to shut the government down over this issue. i'm not going to sign the cruz letter. at the end of the day x we need to fund the government. we're going to get blamed if it's not funding. for every conservative you lose, you got to go find a democrat. that means you drive up the cost of raising the debt ceiling, which if we don't, we'll get blamed for. running the government is your responsibility when you own both houses of congress. the 25 or 30 republicans in the house who will say no to almost everything, we're going to find somebody to take your place. >> charles? >> senator you're one of the gang of eight. do you standby the bill? >> absolutely. >> what was it that caused it to fail in the en >> there's two blames here. number one, president obama in the campaign in 2007 and eight
3:46 pm
it would be a top priority. in his first year, he never list add finger. hispanics remember that. hillary clinton was in the senate in 2008. she never did a damn thing. we passed three bills in the senate bipartisan in nature over 65 votes to go to the house and die. tell me what you would do about immigration. send us a bill back. if you don't like the gang of eight, do something. doing nothing is a copout. if you don't like a pathway to citizenship, if you believe we should deport them all, give me a bill that acts on your beliefs. doing nothing to me is unhelpful. >> center seat continues after a short time out.
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3:50 pm
senator, i wanted to does you about something today about kim davis, this rowan county clerk. mike huckabee was out there and spoke. take a look at. this i have already told that if somebody needs to go to jail, i'm willing to go in her place. i mean that i'm tired of watching people being just harassed because they believe something of their faith. >> what do you make of that? >> well, i i will miss mike. he is he a good candidate. she is not being harassed because of her faith. she is being told as a public official she needs to comply with the law. i agree with her and support marriage. i also agree with the law. constitution 5-4 decision they have said that state laws banning same sex marriage violate the 14th amendment, until that
3:51 pm
changes, it's her duty as every other public official to issue marriage licenses. >> and for mike huckabee to be there today? >> mike is a good man. i'm sympathetic to her position. but i'm trying to be president of the united states not at all costs. not trying to tell you something on fox news at 6:50 at night that i don't believe. i don't believe she as a public official has the ability not to follow the law like any other public official. if she doesn't like, you know, her position, she can resign and put somebody in that position. >> steve? >> you are trying to be president of the united states. when we tweeted out that you were going to be on center seat tonight, we got a response from at least pj on twitter who wrote why lindsey graham? have me on. i'm polling at zero percent as well. i didn't just take his word for it. i checked the real clear politics average you are 0.0 you registered in one poll since the end of july. can you turn that around. >> absolutely. if it weren't for iowa, new
3:52 pm
hampshire and south carolina i couldn't. do he i care what people in california right now think about my campaign. no the only way forward for me, steve he is to go to new hampshire and iowa. really new hampshire, make the case that i'm a viable candidate to be commander and chief. not only viable, but i'm better than anybody else running, that i actually have a plan to destroy isil and that put me in charge of the military because i understand their life and what they have to do better than anybody. i have been to iraq and afghanistan 35 times. john mccain won new hampshire twice. we're going to campaign for three state days. we are going to go all over new hampshire. i'm going to make the case that i would be be a good commander and chief a and i would bring together to solve hard problems like immigration. john was fifth in a four person race. i understand what it takes. you have got to work hard after 50 town halls, if i'm not doing better, then give me a call. >> you mentioned south carolina. the latest monmouth south carolina poll has you at 4%. >> 4, um-huh. >> you take a look at the numbers here and donald trump is at 30%.
3:53 pm
he tweeted out congratulations, graham, have you 4 points in your state of south carolina. far better than zero. nationally you are 26 points behind me. >> all i can say about polling in this stage of the race, the race is not over and donald trump is not going to be the nominee of this party. look at people who are leading at this stage in prior elections, very few of them made it the only hope for a guy like me is to make the case 30 people at a time, 40 people at a time, 50 people at a time. trust me with the safety of your family. put me in charge of the military who has been busting their butt for the last decade because i'm the best qualified to be commander and chief. not donald trump. if you think it's a good idea to go to syria and iraq and take their oil to pay our wounded warriors and that will destroy isil. you really don't understand the middle east. overtime the experience will matter. and new hampshire, iowa and south carolina. people actually get to know. if i didn't think i could win south carolina i wouldn't be talking to you. >> charles? >> a few minutes ago you
3:54 pm
said if mike huckabee switched places and ended up in that jail you would miss him. now, that is the lind is is i graham that we know and love. engaging, ironic. well, what happened in the first debate? >> you know, that's a first question. i started off pretty good. it's like telling a joke in the bathroom. when you tell a joke and nobody laughs, it's kind of unnerving. i think i will do better. the first time i have ever done this quite frankly, guys. it was kind of strange. but really having an empty you room, at the end of the day whether i do well or not, i'm going to try. i'm going to make the best case i can and make you laugh a little bit that i know why the world is so screwed up and there is a way to fix it but it won't be easy. i'm willing to ask people to go back to iraq and syria because i think they have to defend us. we i ask a democrat and republican to give to fix immigration you better believe i would. so we are going to have fun. but we are going to be serious, too. >> you and many other people have predicted that donald trump would flame out. >> he yes, i have.
3:55 pm
>> hasn't happened, week after book, stays on top of the pol underneath all that kind of bravado and bombast there is something that appeals to the white working class base of the republican party that the establishment wing has not been able to do? >> absolutely. >> he has this combination of economic grievance and nativism and it's working. what does the party have to do to that. >> there is nothing new on that. beating on immigrants is the oldest game in the book. bernie sanders world everything is skew to the billionaire. donald trump's world illegal immigrant is going to rape your wife and steal your job. over time that doesn't work. experience will matter. all i ask the public to do is to do one thing. if you don't pick me, pick somebody worthy of being commander and chief the finest fighting force in the history of the world, somebody to lead them out of this mess. i really do think that mr. trump is very entertaining. he has tapped into frustration. frustration is not policy.
3:56 pm
policy comes from experience and judgment. and the one thing i can tell you, we have had one guy being commander and chief. don't replace it with another. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned for the latest in communication from the campaign trail. ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today.
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still not sure whether to stay or go on that business trip? ♪ should i stay or should i go well this fall stay with choice hotels two times and earn a free night. when it comes to business, you always have a choice. book now at the new
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fumely tonight, the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. after a cell phone number is revealed, senator graham had a different take. >> and he gave me his number and i found the card. i wrote the number down. i don't know if it's the right number. let's try it 202-♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you, donald, you did something my staff could never do, you brought knee
4:00 pm
into the 21st century but i'm not giving you the number to it. >> senator, thanks for your time. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. kentucky county clerk kim davis is out, out of jail that is. federal judge ordering her cell door open, setting her free. this after davis spent five days behind bars refusing to provide marriage licenses to same sex couple 's. davis was greeted by a crowd of singing and cheering supporters even breaking down in tears. [cheers and applause] >> i love you all so very much. [cheers and applause]


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